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- 10 most common work related injuries

Getting injured on the job is a lot more common than most people may realize. According to a 2013 report over 4405 workers were killed at the workplace, while millions of others had suffered from non-fatal injuries. To put things into context, each day 13 people never return home from work. Around 3.3 million people suffer from work-related injuries from which recovering can be near impossible.

However, it is increasingly common in certain professions like construction compared to others like computer programmers. That being said computer programmers are susceptible to injuries too like carpal tunnel syndrome and back problems. Apparently, injuries at the workplace can be prevented for the most part. Work injury at an office, for instance, can be prevented by using ergonomic furniture. On a construction site headgear, gloves, hard hats, etc. can all help to prevent injuries.

Our list below looks at ten of the most common work-related injuries. Now the majority of these incidents may be random which means they could happen to maybe anyone anywhere. However, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure that they don't happen or at least minimize instances of it happening. Not to mention the fact that it is up to employees to ensure that they take all safety precautions. Also, they should not work in otherwise hazardous environments without the right safety gear.

The aftermentioned figures and the list has been sourced from top insurance companies dealing in compensation cases. So, they are pretty accurate for the most part.


No. 10. Violent Acts on the Job or in the office

It is not unheard of for employees getting into fistfights at the workplace. Usually, the discord is sown by office politics but has serious consequences. People get injured which leads to downtime for employees. One way to prevent workplace violence is through employee diligence training. It trains people to watch out for potential suspicious activities which helps minimize such instances.

The worker compensation regarding injuries at the workplace caused by office violence is vague. However, much of it is circumstantial. For instance, a security guard who got injured trying to separate two rival parties would get compensation while the two parties may not even if they are employees.

No. 9. Injuries caused by Repetitive Motion

It is one of the most less obvious workplace injuries but is certainly as harmful as the others and does cause a lot of pain. Typing is the most common instance of repetitive motion and especially for those in the software development, writing and other industries where work is done via a keyword. Working constantly at the computer can cause strain on the tendons, back, vision and even carpal tunnel. The best way to prevent if not minimize such injuries is through employee training and the use of ergonomic equipment.

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel for instance and are wondering how to get paid, it will mainly depend on your case. Perhaps consult with an attorney before filing a claim.

No. 8. Machine Related Injury

Broadly defined as machine entanglement, the injury is prevalent across factories where machines and equipment are employed to manufacture or pack items. Things like hair, shoes, fingers, etc. can all get entangled when precautionary measures aren't taken. The best way to prevent it is to ensure that protective equipment is used. Also, employees receive training for the specific equipment they are expected to use. All injuries caused by machine entanglement are worthy of compensation e.g.

No. 7. Car Accidents

Many employees like real estate consultants, bankers, sales executives, etc. all drive for work. Driving is a huge part of them working for the business. However, all of that driving increases their chances of being involved in an accident. Some road accidents can be fatal; others could mean that the employee needs weeks off from work.

One way to reduce driving-related accidents is through safe driver training as well as employer safe driving policies. Those who have been involved in work-related injuries caused by driving do stand a chance to get compensation depending on many variables.

No. 6. Accidentally Running into Things

We have seen many instances of employees walking into concrete walls, wooden cabinets, or even through glass windows, etc. Hand injury, leg injury, nose injury are some of the most common when it happens. One way to reduce instances of these injuries is by removing potential hazards from the workplace.

If you are wondering “what are my rights” if you've run into a concrete wall for instance and require compensation then contact an attorney right away.

No. 5. Injuries caused by falling objects

Falling objects at the workplace is another common cause of serious injuries. Things can fall from shelves ledges or be dropped by other employees. It is mainly a source of head injuries and caused by accidents. The key to preventing such workplace injuries is to keep the work environment free from various hazards, wear proper safety equipment and take precautionary steps.

Insurance companies offering work injury insurance will often ensure that client businesses take the right safety measures. However, if the injury was caused by negligence on part of the employer, an injured employee is entitled to compensation under the law.

No. 4. Reactionary Injuries

These types of injuries are a lot more common in all kinds of work environments. Employees can trip and slip in almost any office or construction site. Slipping and tripping can cause fractures and muscular injuries. While it is noted that preventing such incidents is difficult, but employees are requested to pay attention to the environment around them.

Compensation for reactionary injuries is based on the circumstances of the injury. If it is deemed to be employer negligence, then compensation is almost always assured.

No. 3. Overexertion Related Injuries

Usually, pulling, holding, carrying, lifting and even throwing activities done at work can cause these kinds of injuries. Not only are these the no.1 leading workplace injuries but also the most expensive for insurance companies. Perhaps because they are so prevalent.

No. 2. Falling from High Places

Construction workers doing work on the roof, up on a ladder, or working on a stairway are all vulnerable to falling from these places. It can be caused by slipping or a slight lapse in judgment or even low-quality equipment. Accidents like these can be reduced if not nearly eliminated by using personal protection, employee diligence training and on the job training.

Also, employers are advised not to make employees in such occupations work long hours as it can cause them to fatigue increasing the instance of accidents like these.

No. 1. Loud Noises

Many people assume that industrial deafness is something that's no longer a problem. The assumption is that these were outdated along with heavy industries and the latest safety equipment. However, industrial workers are still exposed to loud noises which can cause deafness or partial deafness.

Industrial deafness results in compensation payouts. That's why employers try to fix the problem before it becomes worse. Employers emphasize using ear protection and other safety mechanisms to prevent instances of hearing impairment.

Call an Attorney Right Away

In most workplaces compensation for workplace injuries can be a touchy matter. However, work injury is a real thing, and if you don't file for compensation in time and with an experienced attorney on your side, it can become increasingly difficult.

Hand injury, leg injury, nose injury, chest injury, clavicle injury, arm injury, jaw injury, back injury at work, and needlestick injury amongst others can set you back several hundred dollars out of pocket if you're not compensated. However, the good news is that in most cases the company will not decline your request for compensation. But you should be legally prepared for if it does because then you'll need an experienced legal team to help navigate the often muddy legal waters. - Bill  - author / writer

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